Friday, September 29, 2006


silk dyed black @ 3.5 DOS using sabraset black 2% solution. not quite black enough but here i discharged the silk and overdyed with vermillion (jacquard acid dye). i like it. how about a shoulder capelet?


determined to get a *real* black, i dyed several pieces black.....DOS=5.5 using sabraset black 2% solution. success!
pole wrapped one, bomaki'd one and misc. resisted one (beads & clothespins)

results to follow........


Blogger feltedfibers said...

Hi Glennis, love your shibori, I attended a workshop on shibori a while back and really enjoyed it, recently made some pieces of very fine nuno felt on silk for shibori, found a length of pipe and my dyes are ready - now just need the time to play, will put them on my blog when finished, there are never enough hours in the day!!

1:17 AM  

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