Monday, September 18, 2006

It's official....

so here are a couple of photos of one of the shibori scarves in the last batch. haven't gotten around to pics of the others
but maybe they will appear here soon. this one went to a local high school counselor (of 21 years) as a thank you for keeping my sometimes blockhead son on track these last 4 years (he graduates this year). another beauty went to JP, my attorney who got us through my messy divorce (finally!-no fault of hers).
so, it's official......i'm taking a 6 month sabbatical........and my order from Pro-Chemical arrived friday! What timing. Actually, i'm giving everyone my time 'til the end of the month to clean up a few things so come 10/1/06 i'm officially on sabbatical!


Blogger catsmum said...

Hi Glennis
All I'm seeing on this and the previous posts is the dreaded red x. The newer posts are fine tho.
I mostly do shibori on cotton ... mainly because I'm a quilter ... do you always usw silk?

4:16 AM  
Blogger glennis said...

Yes, eblogger is losing some of my images and I haven't had the time to reload them. Might look for another more stable service (wordpress) but for now, i'd rather be dying silk than working on the mac. Re:silk.....I have dyed some cotton....for the moment though, I'm concentrating on silk. Where can I see some of your cotton shibori?

9:29 AM  

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