Tuesday, September 19, 2006

shibori day

Didn't take photos today but did get stuff done. Put away the Pro-Chem order and organized workspace. My friend Penny dropped in and we chose 6 colors to make 2% solutions of. We followed (mostly!) Karren Brito's directions in her fabulous book and dyed a large scarf using the Sabraset Polar Red. Must say the color is striking but more pink than I had expected. The water was almost clear when we took out the silk. I see the sense in making the 2% solutions and doing the correct calculations when creating the dyepot.
I'll admit that up to now I had been winging it and hoping for the best. One of my favorite classes in college was Technical Ceramics (which everyone else hated) because I liked the control you gained over your clay bodies and glazes and the fact that you could customize your color palate and temperature range. And I liked the math (nerd!).
Looking forward to discharging some of that color and overdying with some brown perhaps......
Next time I'll finish making 2% solutions of all the colors I have.


Blogger glennis said...

i like how i can go back and make comments on my own posts! the discharge worked great and i learned much. the overdying was a disaster and i learned even more! used the wrong kind of dye and have now corrected that problem. have since dyed some black silk which turned out great but took much longer to discharge. i love all the surprises in this medium- much like ceramics in a way........

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